“The Jail Game” and Children’s play with POWER

Children in the Researchers Class have recently invented an interesting dramatic play game they call, the “Jail Game”. Scholastic Parents writes, “Good guy versus bad guy play is a natural part of your child’s social and moral growth. Indeed, it’s common for dramatic play to center around themes of good and bad, friends and enemies, power and vulnerability, particularly as young children work to learn the difference between right and wrong, to understand rules, and to control their impulses. Power play helps them make sense of these confusing issues and gain a better understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

In addition to playing the game and assuming roles, the children were eager to explain the game and sketch their ideas. Upon pick up, the documentation of their ideas offered the opportunity to share their emerging ideas and understandings with big brothers and parents.

Many thanks to Liz Davis, educator in the Researchers Class, for recognizing the value of child-led play. Liz captured these children involved in important work as they grapple with moral learning.

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