Our Spaces

McKendree’s classrooms, indoor active play spaces, studio, and award-winning outdoor rooftop classroom have all been intentionally designed to support our values of joyful play, wonder and discovery, and curiosity and engaged investigation.

Parents are always welcome to visit during the day.  Join us on the roof as we make mud pies, snuggle on a classroom couch for story time, or, roll up your sleeves and create something magical with us in the studio.  By including comfortable furniture, home-like elements, and materials that provoke curiosity and creativity, we want our program to be a home-away-from home for your family.

studio pan

The Studio or Atelier is a magical place where children come to create, explore, and “mess about” with a variety of arts media.  Supported by our Atelierista or Studio Teacher, provocations are offered that introduce new materials to children to deepen and extend their thinking.


The Investigators Classroom, offers an engaging space for inquisitive older toddlers.

constructivist 2

Our Constructivist Pre-K Classroom offers three to five year olds a variety of play and learning opportunities.  Designed to support active learning and inquiry, the classroom offers rich centers for investigating and engaging in science, math, early literacy, creative art, and dramatic play.



The Movers and Shakers Classroom offers an inviting space for our babies. Filled with interesting materials and safe and comfortable floor space, the babies begin to construct their knowledge of the world.



The Explorers Classroom offers a place of discovery for young toddlers. 


Our Outdoor Classroom offers children a place to play and connect with nature in the heart of the city.