Our Very Own Tomato Factory

The summer heat, coupled with a very wet spring, has offered our rooftop garden, and especially our tomatoes, a thriving climate in which to grow.  Beginning in late May, we began to see the fruits of our labor. Since then, we have added the delicious fruit to our daily snacks on many occasions.  Yet, we still have plenty to spare.tomato.jpg

The Constructivist Class decided to share our bounty (and make some money) by setting up a tomato stand in the lobby.  The group spent time creating signage, discussing the market value of organic tomatoes as a means to price theirs, and in planning how to present them to potential customers.

In preparation for the sale, math came in handy.  For ease, they decided to sell two sizes, large and small.  Once separated into baskets, they priced them to sell.  50 cents for a small tomato and $1.00 for a large tomato.  “Ringing up” the orders proved to be a bit more challenging, yet presented the children with a great opportunity to utilize their new knowledge about money values.  “Four quarters is a dollar?” one child asked in wonderment.

By consensus, they agreed to use their profits to reinvest in the rooftop garden.  They plan to purchase seeds for a fall planting!




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