The Ducks Are Here!

During the week of March 19th, we were delighted to welcome new members to our McKendree Community!  OUR DUCKS HATCHED!

duck close up

Back in the fall, the Researchers Class of four year olds began an investigation of ducks that included a trip to Centennial Park to “duck watch”; experiments with oil on feathers, and LOTS of books describing the life of ducks.  As spring drew closer, the group ordered fertilized eggs from a hatchery and dusted off our incubator for an intense science experience.  Twenty-some days later, seven of the nine eggs hatched! The babies are growing fast and will go to live on a farm before the end of April.

The DUCK INVESTIGATION has offered rich experiences in math, science, and emergent literacy in addition to the opportunity for the children (and entire center) to marvel at that miracle of new life and community.

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