“No Weapons Allowed”

“The Batman Building is filled with bats.” and,  “Batman lives in the Batman Building.”

These were a few preschooler assumptions that led to a hands-on investigation of the AT&T Building.  Charlie was certain that the iconic downtown Nashville building was a dangerous place.  One afternoon, she, along with her friend, Reegan, and our director, Cindy, set out to learn more.  As they approached the building, the girls became cautious and asked to watch passersby for a bit.  After seeing lots of people (and zero bats or super heroes) come and go from the building, they bravely headed toward the door.  A sign on the glass stopped them in their tracks.  “What does that say?” Charlie asked, noticing the gun with a line drawn through it. Cindy read the no weapons ordinance to which both girls literally CHEERED!  “If there are no guns, there are no bad guys,” Reegan declared.  After drawing the sign as part of their investigative data gathering, the girls enthusiastically entered the building.  The sign was reassuring to the girls and they entered ready to learn more about the “Batman Building”.

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