How Does Our Rooftop Garden Grow?

Planted in April, our garden is already flourishing!


spinachThe early crops of spinach and lettuce are so bountiful that the Discoverers Class (a toddler group) made pizzas topped with leafy spinach for lunch; and, the Constructivist Class (our Pre-K group) harvested enough spinach to enrich a special lunch of chicken quesadillas.


bunnyBunny, our center pet, has also been appreciative of the fresh lettuce offered to him as a tasty snack.


As the garden continues to flourish, we expect to harvest tomatoes, herbs, peppers, figs, and even (hopefully) the heirloom pumpkins inadvertently planted by visiting birds!  The garden is an active part of our play environment on the roof.  The surprises of the garden (“Look, we have a tomato!”) fuel and provoke a child’s desire to investigate and learn.



In addition to the hands-on lessons in sustainability, natural science, and sensory development, the garden offers a joyful place for relationships and community to blossom. Meals centered around the foods we grow allow children and teachers to come together and enjoy their collaborative efforts.

rooftop garden 4Furthermore, as our harvest grows, we will share the food we produce with McKendree United Methodist Church who offers twice weekly meals to homeless and displaced persons in our downtown community.

2 thoughts on “How Does Our Rooftop Garden Grow?

  1. daycarewebsite says:

    I love that the children are purposefully and intentionally growing food to share with those who are hungry.


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