Cindy Ligon is going to Tulsa, OK this month to attend, and present workshops at the Southern Early Childhood Association Conference. More importantly, she is also going to accept The 2016 Exemplary Outdoor Classroom Award for the center’s AMAZING rooftop garden and play space! This is such a proud and exciting moment for our McKendree family. All the hard work creating this magical outdoor space for our children is being recognized across the Southern part of the country. Kudos to everyone who had a hand in the development of the roof space!

In addition to the prize we received as winners (the “rockband” drum station which is already installed on the roof), we will receive a plaque which will proudly be displayed in the hallway leading to the roof.

The 2016 Roof Team – Anthony Creasy, Cynthia Rodgers, Katy Dennis, and Betty Witt will be making gardening plans soon. In only a few months it will be planting time! If you would like to lend your expertise in gardening, landscape design, etc., or are simply willing to roll up your sleeves and help us prepare for a wonderful crop (and consequently fantastic science experiences for the children) please let someone from this team know.


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