Parent Advisory Committee

All parents are members of the PAC – everyone’s voice, opinion and suggestions matter. We have three parents who serve as Parent Representatives on our Board. These are the folks who volunteer to serve YOU by bringing the considerations of the PAC to the governing board.

This year we are delighted to introduce the following parent reps:

Becca Wilson, mom to Eleanor in the Investigators Room

Jennifer Thomas, mom to Patricia Faye in the Explorers Room and Reid in the Inventors room.

Ehren Green, mom to Nathan in the Investigators Room.

Additionally, we have board members who are serving as church members but who are also day care parents:

Lynne Ingram, Chair of the board and mom to Grant in the Discoverers Room and Drew in the Inventors Room

Heather Stewart, Co-Chair of the board and mom to Ruthie in the Explorers Room.

And lastly, we have a new position on the board, Carnival Chair, held by a day care parent:

Kristen Zade, mom to Camille in the Movers and Shakers Room and Alexander in the Investigators room.

Needless to say, we have great parent representation on the board.

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