The Art of Making Art

An Exhibit of Children’s Work With a Focus on the Process

October 11th – 14th, 4 – 6 pm

The children of our program have been hard at work creating original pieces of art that will be on display October 11th-14th in the Multi-Purpose Room on the 2nd floor of our building.  Creativity and self-expression are cornerstones of the child-directed learning that happens at McKendree.  Each classroom will be represented with at least one piece of art along with a behind-the-scenes peek at the work that went into creating it.  Pieces on display are as diverse as the children themselves, ranging from 3-dimensional sculptural works to drawings made by those just beginning to develop their early writing skills.  Please feel free to drop by the exhibit anytime during pick-up (4-6pm) to take a look at the children’s work.  As an added bonus, the pieces from the art show will then be available for purchase in the Silent Auction on October 20th.  Many thanks to Zoe Davydov for orchestrating this lovely event.

Taking Art Outdoors

Art is a JOYFUL experience

We offer lots of art indoors and even have a studio designed specifically to support creative art experiences.  But, we also like to take our creative activities to the roof where we can work BIG and work MESSY.  Our outdoor classroom is the perfect space for open-ended, process-focused art and play.  There are no step-by-step directions; the art is focused on the experience and on exploration rather than on a product; and there is not a right or wrong way to create.  And who doesn’t want to paint wearing a bathing suit?